Friday, August 10, 2012

A gift Of A Trinket Box & Card

Hello everyone. I hope you are all keeping well. It wasn't that long ago that I was saying how many tragedies come to your knowledge through FaceBook and also how many friends you can make along the way. One of the groups I am in, the creator of that group, sadly lost her much loved sister to cancer. She touched my heart so deeply that I cried for her whilst listening to her voice and the sadness that was so obvious in one of her You Tube videos. She created the video to explain to her followers why she had been absent from the group and the world of crafting. This lady is an inspiration to me and her inner beauty shines through her 
beautiful and  exquisite pieces of art which she creates.

In saying that, over a short period of time, I have learnt that she loves laces, flowers, trims and colours that consist of pinks, golds & ivory. I wanted to create something for her from my heart. My aim was to make her smile at least for a moment, as she has been so sad lately and she hasn't felt like crafting. She is so awesome. Yes, I know, I love that word. AWESOME!!!!!! So anyway, I posted it to the FB group page and (thank goodness) she loves it. So these are for you my friend, Suzie Crafter.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Color & Create Magazine!

A new magazine coming out ladies. Color & Create. Pop over to check out pricing, leave a comment and don't forget to mention that I sent you !